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O.W.L is a brand that marries culture of excellence and attention paid to details to create a perfect alchemy between aesthetics and technology. Owl’s frames are more than just glasses, they are works of art.

O.W.L was founded in 2014 to provide prescription glasses, sunglasses and non-prescription polarized sunglasses at all in one price to the style savvy. We deal directly with the source of our raw materials and manufacturer to produce high quality acetate, metal, titanium and TR90 from Korea.



These values from the guiding philosophy that shapes the culture of the O.W.L brand and fows through to everything we do or say.

Be Transparent

We are always honest and straightfoward in communicating ideas and prices.

Respect Freedom

We respect that people are free agents with individual preference and are capable of making their own choices.

Stay Current

We are always on top of trends, new or old, so that people have accessto fashionable eyewear.

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